Stuff I’m Loving + My Fave New Scrubby

31st July 2014


(Black Tea: Suja // Homemade Body Scrub: recipe below! // Lip Pencil: NARS in Paimpol // Nail Polish: Butter London in Fruit Machine and Essie in Bikini So Teeny// Rings: similar here // Lip Glosses: NARS in International Velvet and Istria // Coasters: West Elm // Tee: Velvet // Shorts: Siwy)

It’s been majorly warm summer weather in San Diego and I’m clinging to super lightweight basics like gauzy tanks and cutoffs like no other clothes exist. Im also loving pretty pastels for nails and lips, and chunky turquoise jewelry to add some interest to my minimal outfits. And coasters have been a total must on my new travertine table because all I’m sipping is freezing ice cold drinks to cool off.

 I’ve never really been a big bottled tea girl. I feel like most bottled teas tasted like dirty leaves that sat in a forgotten bottle of water in a hot car for a few days and then got remembered and refrigerated. Whenever I’m at the store I just don’t gravitate to the tea set and couldn’t really care less about them compare to fresh juices or cool waters. BUT, in general, I couldn’t be a bigger fan of tea – when I make it myself or buy it fresh from a coffee shop. I love tea so much that I totally dropped coffee last year because I just had no need for it anymore. Tea fulfills the ritual, warmth, and smell of coffee in the morning for me and provides the zingy chilled afternoon pick me up of an iced coffee later in the day. I love all different kinds and am constantly switching it up because there’s many good ones! SO, what’s the point of telling you this? There’s finally a line of bottled teas that are just so next levie and not full of crap that I would fill my whole cart with them and take a bath in them (literally – getting to that in a few…). They’re by us (Suja!) and they are everything we believe in – organic, non- GMO, cold pressured, unheated, and even one that’s BIODYNAMIC..whoa! <– this is like organic on roids – brewed together into 4 delicious blends that are insanely refreshing, unique, and crisp. This week, I’m majorly obsessing over the Biodynamic Unsweetened Black Tea. It’s been so hot in San Diego and it’s such an awesome chuggable iced tea with a nice balanced flavor that gets me more jazzed about hydrating than plain water. Black tea is also good for you. Like really good!


 - Helps reduce stress levels (shown in this UCL study)

 - Lowers blood pressure (shown in this 6 month American Medical Association study)

 - Reduces risk of diabetes (shown in this British study)

 - Reduces risk of coronary heart disease (shown in this European study)

 - Hydrates as well as water (shown in a British study)

These are all killer health benefits, but black tea takes it a step further and works wonders on your skin. Here’s what up with dat:

- Has tons of antioxidants, polyphenols, tannins and catechins

- Those polyphenols and tannins accelerate skin regeneration

- The antioxidants protect from premature aging and wrinkles and neutralize free radicals from enironmental toxins.

- Soothes irritated and inflamed skin due to acne or sunburns

- Helps fade dark spots

When I got back from Greece, my skin was a bit peely thanks to a sunburn (eek I know!) and I needed to exfoliate badly. I always make my own scrubs and decided to throw the tea in there to help with the sunburn inflammation. Best decision ev! Here’s how I did it:


¼ cup Suja Unsweetened Cold Brewed Black Tea

1 tbs Cinnamon, ground

½ tsp Nutmeg, ground

½ tsp Cardamom, ground

1 tsp ground Vanilla bean

1 cup coarse Turbinado Sugar

½ cup Coconut Oil

Mix it all together and put it in a jar in the shower. The heat of the steam melts the coconut oil and makes a spreadable, thick, grainy scrub that smells like heaven. You will have bikini ready skin in 5 mins!

What are you currently loving?


The pH Balance

28th July 2014

ph_scale-1Hi! I hope everyone has had a killer weekend! Today on the blog, we’re talking pH because it’s an important principle that can really improve health for some people and is just a good thing to know as a general guideline for living, Sooo what is it? pH means power of hydrogen, which is the measure of hydrogen ion concentration in the bod pod. The pH scale goes from 1 to 14 and smack dab in the middle at 7 is neutral. The pH balance is the balance between acid and alkaline in the body. Ideally, the pH should be 7.4 which is slightly alkaline. Now I’m sure you want to know what your pH is, so don’t worry, there are ways you can test it at home by peeing on a strip. Yep.

We need to consume both acid and alkaline foods to maintain an equilibrium in the body, but the common American diet is much more acidic than alkaline which means many of us are experiencing an acidic condition. Why does it matter that we are slightly alkaline? Because too much acidity causes problems. When there is a lack of alkaline minerals coming in through fresh clean foods, the acidic conditions in the body will cause major inflammation of the organs. Most digestive issues like heartburn, bloating, indigestion, and nausea are due to excess acid in the GI area. An acid environment is also the perfect breeding ground for yeast, cancer cells, parasites, and viruses to flourish. When we continue to eat acidic foods, we deplete our bodies’ alkaline minerals like sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which causes a mineral deficiency. Over time, this can lead to osteoporosis because those minerals are leached from the bones to offset the acidity. To correct this condition and move the blood back to an alkaline pH, we need to maximize and consume the alkaline foods in a greater quantity than acidic foods. So what are our best friend foods to do this?

 ALKALINE Besties:

LAND VEGGIES – greens, sprouts, herbs, cucumbers, cruciferous veggies, asparagus, onions, green beans, beets, celery, sweet potatoes, garlic

OCEAN VEGGIES– Agar, arame, dulse hijiki, kelp, kombu, nori, sea palm, wakame

GLUTEN FREE GRAIN-LIKE SEEDS - Millet, quinoa, amaranth




FRUITS – All fresh fruits are alkaline with the exception of plum. Including nature’s buttah, the avocado J

RAW ACV (apple cider vinegar)




OILS – olive, flax, coconut, avocado, grapeseed, butter

SOY – fresh soybeans

These foods are all alkaline and powerful tools in getting your pH to a more neutral spot. This is a HUGE reason I love juice and have been making it for years and years. It’s such an easy way to get a concentrated mega dose of highly alkaline greens into your body. Note that you don’t have to eat ONLY these foods and create entirely alkaline meals. These foods should just be the predominate portion of your plate when you’re trying to drop the acid. For example, instead of having a big piece of fish with rice, do a smaller piece of fish with a larger portion of sautéed veggies or a big raw green salad with avocado. If you usually have oatmeal for breakfast, try a quinoa bowl with berries and almonds. These foods are totally yummy when you get creative!

Now, here’s the ACID gang:

ANIMAL PROTEINS – beef, poultry, eggs, fish, shellfish, lunch meats

DAIRY – milk, yogurt, cheese

GRAINS (except millet, quinoa, and amaranth)

OILS – sunflower, corn, cottonseed, soybean, canola, peanut, anything hydrogenated



NUTS (except almonds)







SOY – soy protein, soy flour, soymilk

Remember – these foods aren’t “bad” and you don’t have to avoid these entirely. Some of these foods are really nutritious too, like nuts, seeds, and beans. You just need to shift your portions when you’re trying to alkalize so 75-80% of your plate is alkaline and the other 20-25% can be acidic.

BUT! It’s not just food that causes acidity. Here are some lifestyle + other factors that can contribute to an acid condition in the bod pod:

-       STRESS



-       DRUG USE




You can combat all of these by making simple lifestyle tweaks. Try meditating if you’re stressed out. Shut your stuff down and go to bed earlier if you’re sleep deprived. Try exercising or taking yoga to squash negative emotions. Cook at home more to control what food combinations you’re having at mealtimes and practice better portion control. When you alkalize your body you’ll see really good stuff happen and it’s worth taking the time and effort to make these changes.

I hope you learned a thing or two about the pH balance and how to improve yours if you’re experiencing acidity. If you have any questions/comments, leave them below!!

Have a great week!




Lust List

26th July 2014

My hair routine goes like this:

Day 1 – Wash hair. I look good, it’s pretty, clean, and fresh. Yay.
Day 2 – After sleeping with it twisted in a bun, I go for tousled bed head. Still looking good.
Day 3 – Hmmm…starting to look a little…flat. Dry shampoo is my best friend.
Day 4 – Why does the top look wet? Is that grease? HAT.

I’m always looking for a way to not have to wash my hair and hats are the perfect solution because they make your outfit cuter in addition to concealing horrifyingly greasy hair. I’m currently in love with Janessa Leone hats because they actually suit my face/head and aren’t overwhelmingly floppy/huge. And have you guys tried RAILS shirts yet? They are the softest, coziest, best button downs I’ve ever had! They aren’t crunchy and stiff so you can wear them in hot weather and they feel like a t-shirt. They also come in the best prints! Here’s what I’m lusting  for a perfect summer day look…


Shirt: RAILS // Hat: Janessa Leone // Clutch: B Low The Belt // Shoes: Birkenstock // Shorts: Rag & Bone

Santorini Diary

24th July 2014

post1 Ahhh I miss Santorini already! From the minute we got there, I was SO relaxed and felt worlds away from everyday life. A major highlight was a 2 hour hike we did from Imerovigli to Oia which was mostly on the cliffs overlooking the Aegean Sea and allowed us to totally explore the island! It led us right down to a restaurant on the water (you literally get splashed while you eat) where we ate the most delicious Greek salads and white fish. The rest of our days were fully comprised of lazing and beach hopping! We went to a different beach club everyday where we holed up under grass umbrellas, soaked up the sun, frolicked in the black sand, and drank cocktails. Since there are no words to describe how much I loved Santorini, I’ll show you…post2 post3 post4 post5 post11post6 post7 post8 post9 post10  post12 post13  post15 post16 post17 post14

Leather in All Weather

19th July 2014

LP1It’s hard not to love leather pants! They go with everything and instantly “cool up” any look. When I want to take em daytime, I like to keep everything else really simple and casual. That’s were my favorite Isabel Marant sneakers come in handy and my go to Alexander Wang pocket tank (I have this in every color – it’s so versatile and I’ve yet to find a better relaxed but still sexy fit). These particular Blank Denim pants aren’t even leather – they’re faux – so this time of year they’re perfectly lightweight because nothing feels grosser than sweating in leather pants.

LP2 LP3 LP4 LP5 LP6 LP7 LP8 LP9 LP10 LP11 LP12 LP13

Pants: Blank Denim // Tank: Alexander Wang // Bag: Saint Laurent // Sneaks: Isabel Marant // Sunnies: Ray Ban

Photos: Sam Montfleur

Why I Don’t Work Out That Hard and Why You Might Not Want to Either

17th July 2014

Suja Selects 20

A lot of you have asked about my workout routine, and if it were several years ago I would have been able to tell you exactly what it was. In the past, my workouts have been intense, regimented, sometimes painful, and hardcore.  I used to believe if I didn’t leave the gym drenched, shaking, and in some kind of discomfort, I hadn’t really exercised. I would literally think a yoga class was a throw away stretch fest and not consider it exercise at all in comparison to my “normal” workouts. Fast forward to now and I don’t even have a gym membership. If something feels uncomfortable or too hard, I stop. And I never workout unless I’m feeling it. And how do I feel? Amazing! I have zero mental stress around my workouts, never have to fire myself up to do them because I love them, they make me feel good, and I don’t plan my life/day around working out because it just fits in naturally and nicely when I want it to. So, why the shift and how do I reconcile drastically less calories burned?

When I used to work out long and hard, I was hungrier. I was like a teenage boy and I would eat a lot more because I needed a lot more. Sometimes it became a chore because I knew if I had worked out that day I had to hit a certain amount of food to make up for the 500-700 calories burned. I would get anxiety about being ravenous and caught without a snack somewhere. But I don’t get that at all now. I eat a good sized breakfast, lunch, and dinner and don’t really need snacks in between. I can skip a meal or wait until the next one because my hunger isn’t urgent the way it used to be when I worked out overly intensely. So that’s how I reconcile less calories burned – I’m not trying to lose weight or create a deficit, just maintain. Therefore, I don’t need to burn more than I eat and I don’t need to eat as much because I’m not burning as much. It all balances out naturally when you listen to your body and eat in proportion to your activity and hunger levels.

If you would have told me back when I was agro elliptical chick that I wouldn’t have a gym membership in the future I would have flipped out and been horrified because I was such a gym rat and it was such a vital part of my routine. 60 minutes on the elliptical at a steep incline maintaining a certain speed with a fatty stack of magazines to distract me from the torture or 70 minutes on the treadmill at a 7:45-50 mile pace were my go to workouts and anything less didn’t count. So what do my workouts look like now? Yoga, walking, and occasional running. Most often, I wake up and do yoga every day first thing for an hour. I do power classes, flow classes, and hatha classes depending on my mood. I barely consider this a workout because I love it so much and it sets me up for a relaxed, calm, centered mind the rest of the day. I don’t do it to sculpt my arms, make my booty pop, or chisel my core – I do it because it makes me feel incredible. That’s the major difference in my mindset around exercise now. I do it to feel good, not to look good or check it off my list because I “should” be working out. But it just so happens to do those things to my body and that’s pretty cool too. On the days I wake up feeling like getting outside, I opt for long walks. I never go inside on a treadmill because it makes me feel like a hamster. I like to be outside and get inspired by nature, the sunrise, the ocean, the trees, or whatever it is that my surroundings provide that day. I like to think about things that are bugging me and how to break through them, things I am grateful for, things I want to make happen that day/week/month/year, what I want to write about for you guys next, and so much more. By the time I’m done, I’ve had a total mood and mind transformation and it feels really awesome. I like to walk for an hour or two and I almost always go to the beach or a hiking trail. Then there are the random days that happen as often as once or twice a week or as little as once a month when I wake up craving some miles. When this happens, I go out WITHOUT my Garmin, which used to be attached to my wrist permanently tracking my speed and distance and which I would obsessively check throughout a run to make sure I was on pace and hitting my targets. Now, I don’t have any distance goals or rules in mind whatsoever. I just run as long as it feels good and stop when it starts becoming a chore to keep going. This can be as little as 3 miles or as many as 8 miles. On these run days I tend to wake up more ansty, restless, and carrying nervous energy. Running really helps me release that and leave it behind so I can enter the day fresh and clean slated. That reason makes me way more stoked to be out there than burning calories or proving I’m a “legit runner”.

The moral of the story is this: exercise is meant to feel good. It’s meant to be enjoyed, savored, and looked forward to. When you set rules of exactly what you must do, calories you must burn, miles you must run, and weights you must lift, you suck the joy out of moving your body which should be the most natural and pure expression of life. You can’t de stress and release tension when your workout is stressing you out more. I know it’s not easy to break out of a routine because it’s a comfortable and sure thing, but I urge you to try. You won’t gain ten pounds if you try a week of working out however you feel at a lower intensity – I promise. Try trading your cardio for yoga, pilates, a leisurely bike ride, or walk. See how your mind feels, how your body feels, and how your soul feels. Do what makes you happy!! And tell me how it feels for you!



Vacation Necessities: Santorini

15th July 2014

Yassas from the black sand beach in Greece! I’m currently soaking up the Santorini sun and have been enjoying a few of the same travel necessities daily. Rompers, cover ups, hats, bikinis, sandals, sunnies, and simple jewelry are always my staples when traveling to beach destinations. I hate wearing anything too fussy, wrinkly, or heavy when I’m in lounge mode and I also must have pieces I can wear on repeat because nothing is worse than traveling for 11+ hours with a million pound bag filled with impractical clothes. I’ve done my fair share of beach travel this year between Hawaii, Bali, Italy, and Greece – not to mention my own backyard, the La Jolla Shores beach, that I frequent regularly in the spring/summer – so I’ve learned what beach wear works for me with ease and utility in mind. That said, here what I’m rocking right now in Santo (and the rest of the summer!):


Vacation NecessitiesSunnies: Stella McCartney // Panama Hat: JCrew // Bikini Top: Mikoh // Bikini Bottom: Mikoh, also have and love this one  // Romper: Splendid // Bracelet: Tai // Sandals: K. Jacques (similar) // Caftan: Vix // Necklace: Gorjana

Ciao Roma!

13th July 2014

Ciao from Rome! I am currently basking in the Italian sun, soaking up all that is Roma! This place is truly amazing – the romance, the shopping, the history, the hospitality, the beauty, the food…I could go on forever! Truly one of the most special places on earth!! I’ve walked all over the city, met wonderful people, eaten delicious meals, done some mischievous shopping, and so much more. Here’s a peek at what I’ve been up to…


IMG_4488 copyChampagne at the Jardin de Russie

IMG_4491_2Crudo on a  pink himalyan salt block

IMG_4498 Whole sea bass with lemon, olive oil, and salt on a pink himalayan salt block

IMG_4522Breakfast eggs, lox, avocado, greens, and fruit

IMG_4705Insanely delicious tuna and salmon tartars with pomegranate seeds and kiwi

IMG_4706 copyTo die for scallop carpaccio with rosemary infused olive oil and crunchy sea salt

IMG_4710Salmon, amberjack, and tuna carpaccio

IMG_4715Local fresh sea bass with lemon, olive oil, sea salt and steamed spinach

IMG_4789_2An italian sparkling wine and a super delish grapefruit margarita with lavender

IMG_4807 Poached eggs and avocado

IMG_4808_2Smoked salmon


IMG_4502 Spanish steps while roaming the streets late night after a delicious dinner + wine al fresco

IMG_4544 St. Peter’s BasilicaIMG_4555 IMG_4573 Now this I have to tell you about. I took the above photo from INSIDE the glass room in St. Peter’s Basilica housing the Pieta by Michelangelo!! This is not open to the public. In the last 5 years, the only visitors to enter the glass have been President Obama and Queen Elizabeth. My wonderful Italian friend Lara lives in Rome and knows someone at the Vatican and was able to get the door unlocked for us. As you can see, many people come to see this infamous work from outside the glass and I was so so excited to be inside so close to such an important piece! It was SO special! Although I don’t think the people outside the glass watching me run around in it and stand right in front of the work taking photos and blocking their view were my biggest fans…IMG_4575 IMG_4583 Taken from inside standing in front of the Pieta

IMG_4598  Lara got us on the roof of the Basilica overlooking Vatican City!

IMG_4673 The ColosseumIMG_4777IMG_4722 The Pantheon

IMG_4764 Stumbled into the Celine store, the holiest of all sites I visited. Come to mama…

IMG_4772 Found the newest shoe baby to add to my family at Gucci.

Have you been to Rome? What is your favorite place/restaurant/thing about it?

Off to Santorini next! Tell me your faves there!!

Get To Know Erik Skoldberg: All About Art and How To Buy Your First Piece

11th July 2014


I recently moved to a new place, and along with trashing all my janky Ikea furniture from college, I decided it was time to bring in some big girl art. Picking a piece to invest in and bring into your space can be kinda intimidating for those of us who have zero idea what we should be looking for. I immediately texted my good friend and the best artist I know, Erik Skoldberg, for all the deets. I met Erik almost three years ago at yoga and he was just a really cool guy and OG juice customer when Suja was still a baby in unlabeled glass bottles. I had no idea he was such an amazing artist until I got to know him and found out he was showcasing pieces at a gallery downtown. Fast forward 3 years later and Erik has his very own insanely gorgeous, light, open, airy, huge gallery at the Del Mar Plaza and those Suja bottles are now labeled and on the shelves of grocery stores nationwide. Even crazier, Erik designed the art for this year’s cover of the Del Mar Race Track Program along with a whole racetrack collection of jockeys and horses plus killer cute swag like hats and flip flops to match! I was DYING when I saw them they are sooooo good! We’ve both evolved our passions into full fledged businesses, but the passion whole heartedly remains as I saw when he invited me over to the gallery to pick out my very own Erik Skoldberg original – my first piece of oh so special grown up art (purple, pink, and blue, natch). It’s now perched smack dab in the middle of my living room and I smile every single time I look at it. Erik just lights up when he talks art and here’s what I mean…

How old were you when you started painting and how did your art evolve as you grew up?

My mother had a paintbrush in my hand as young as I can remember. My mother is a studio artist and teacher for over 30 years. I feel that she really groomed me into the artist that I am today.  As far back as I can remember I loved drawing, painting and everything creative. My taste was constantly changing and I sketched and painted whatever I was in the mood for. I painted underwater fish, professional athletes, architecture, cars, my dog, beach scenes, etc. You name it, I painted During my undergraduate studies at the University of San Diego, I was very experimental with large-scale pieces. I loved the freedom of action painting and being in the moment using bright colors, layering and ingraining movement. I envisioned the big picture in my head but paid little attention to the fine details in between. It was very refreshing.  I became fascinated with the theories behind each color and the impact it had on our emotions. I believe the right color combinations really engage the viewer and create an inner sense of balance in the visual experience. I loved bright, fun, energetic and uplifting colors. It’s like that summer music mix that never ends. Then it evolved into monumental pieces, 5×7 feet, 6×10 feet; to a piece I recently competed at the Merrill Lynch building 15×15 feet. Alive, cool, brilliant, vigorous, elevating pieces fill my collection that carry depth and movement.

The way you combine colors is magic. What’s your favorite color and why?

Is this a trick question? Well, I love the color wheel, ha. If I had to choose ONE, it would be blue! I have grown up on the beach as a surfer and can’t get enough of our beautiful water here in San Diego and around the world. Blue is a constant color in our lives as we see it every day in our skies and oceans. Blue also causes the body to produce a chemical that is calming and tranquil. I am always all over the place so I think it naturally mellows me out. Blue also communicates significance, importance, trustworthiness, loyalty, stability and unity. A good color to have in your home!


Where do you get your inspiration?

I love traveling, the outdoors, and being active. I am passionate about Mother Natures and the feeling it evokes when something spectacular is captured. This continually inspires me to create.  We often miss the natural beauty around us in our fast paced and often stressful lives. I simply want to recreate those scenes and have them last forever. How can you not be inspired by Mother Nature!

How long does on piece take you from start to finish?

That is a tough question to answer. I start weeks before I even touch the canvas experimenting with new color samples and textures. After fine-tuning my bleeds I usually work on a few pieces at a time. All of my works are multi layered. Some have up to 10-12 layers on one piece. I think knowing when to stop is the most important and the most difficult.  Sometimes less is more and I love simplicity. I have pieces that are very monochromatic, super smooth, clean and simple. Four to five layers and I’m extremely happy with it. Others I work on for weeks at a time and put aside because I feel like they are missing a slight touch.  In working on new collections, I create new ideas. I often break a piece back out and finish it up. Sometimes I hang the piece to digest for a while before working on a few more layers.


Any rituals you have before making a piece?

I think that rituals are really important. If I am stressed under a time constraint or not focused thinking about my To-Do list I don’t even attempt picking up a brush. I have before and it ends in a complete mess. Not to mention one really large canvas and a dozen tubs of paint end up wasted.

Knowing I will be painting the next day I ALWAYS do an early surf or yoga session. Clearing my mind before painting allows me to truly enjoy the process. The anticipation of painting is often greater than the happiness actually experienced while painting. I use a lot of different brush stroke techniques and my acrylics dry fast so I stay pretty focused. A great playlist is ALWAYS a must. Black Keys, Macklemore, Mumford & Sons, Neon Trees and always a bunch of Reggae.      


What is your workspace like? OCD clean or down to business messy?

I would like to think it starts out pretty clean and organized. I have a nice big bulletin board with all of my ideas and color combos. I have my colors all spread out, my brushes in line and my sample works close at hand. Then it goes down hill quickly becoming very messy. I have spattered paint all over my studio walls, floors, pants, shirt, hair and even my face which I often don’t notice until my girlfriend points it out at dinner. I then layer, let it dry and do it all over again.

You have your own gallery now and it is pretty big, beautiful and amazing. How did you get to this stage in your career?

During college, circa 2007 I really wanted to exhibit my artwork. Of course I went to my favorite gallery, Madison Gallery in La Jolla. At the time I spoke with Alexander Salazar and showed him my pieces. He loved my usage of color, my unique style and consistently in my collection. But of course, he said, “You have a long way to go my friend. I love your work, but if you want to be serious artist I need to see a collection of at least 50 pieces. I want to know you are serious about your art; you’re going to be around for a while as an artist and this is not just a hobby; especially if I am going to put my time and energy behind you.”  So I got to work. By the time I returned after college Alex Salazar had opened his own gallery in Downtown San Diego and La Jolla. I had my first Solo Exhibition at his Grand opening in La Jolla. I was fortunate enough to have some success in the corporate world doing collections for Fed Ex corporate office, Merrill Lynch, USCD Biomedical buildings and more. I was living up in Encinitas and an opportunity arose to open up my own gallery at The Del Mar Plaza.  Timing is everything and I think it all came together nicely.


What is your favorite part about being an artist? Least favorite?

My favorite part about being and artist is always having something to do, for LIFE. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about new concepts, techniques, color ideas or even look at something and think how I can connect it back to my art. I am in a consistent state of innovative thought that keeps me going. I also love having my own schedule and freedom.

Having my own gallery, keeping up with events, shows and marketing on top of creating new collections can get pretty hectic. I love it all and having a business degree from USD really helps. Sometimes it can be tough turning off my brain and just enjoying the present. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Your painting is the cover of the 2014 Del Mar Racetrack Program. Pretty Major! Every single person at the track with have their hands wrapped around your art. How did that come about and what else did you create for racing season?

It is really exciting, one million copies. I still can’t believe it. Last year at the Del Mar Races, I met Craig Dado, the Chief Marketing Officer of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. I told him a little bit about my new gallery that I had just opened up down the street at The Del Mar Plaza. I also showed him the new horserace collection I was working on. I did a rendition of the first Del Mar Racetrack Program of 1939 for the Turf Club and a wonderful charity event roasting Doug O’Neill, one of the top Thoroughbred trainers in California. We raised $7,500 from the painting for Great Friends Foundation. I continued to stay in touch with the racetrack submitted my artwork for the following year. The rest is history. I just hung my full racetrack collection up in my gallery last week. I did a full collection of the jockeys such as Mike Smith, Chantal Sutherland, Rafael Bejerano and a few contemporary abstract paintings of them racing.


What advice do you have for art newbies looking to start a collection? The top 3 things to keep in mind?

Always buy something you are in love with and have to have! Not a status symbol or label. Something that you connect with and it moves you in a positive way. The best is when there is just an unexplainable connection. New collectors, it is always nice to find an upcoming artist or a local artist that is established but not already huge. It gives you a chance to follow their evolution and career. Art is an investment and you will have it forever so always buy an ORIGINAL.


And because I am nosy- what’s next for Erik Skoldberg Art?

UP! Staying true to my style and not being worried about painting whatever is in style at the moment. Keep building my collection and staying ahead in the contemporary art world. I would like to continue exhibiting my artwork nationally and internationally. My work continues to evolve. Through layering, brushstrokes and the application of color, I am able to express a distinctive style hoping to give my artwork a breath and life of it own.

 Every good painter paints what he is!  “Jackson Pollock”

ES2      ES10ES11

See? You love him right? He’s the real deal. If you like what you saw, go to website and check out his portfolio of over the top beautiful pieces. He also does custom stuff so if you have a color scheme you love or need for a specific space he can make the magic happen!

For those of you checking out Erik’s artwork on the program at Opening Day of the Del Mar Racetrack this year and not sure what to do after  – this is where you want to be for the afterparty:

ES16The party is FREE entry with Suja cocktails flowing, a signature welcome cocktail at the door, delicious food, live music, a margarita and taco bar, and just an all around reeeaaaalllly good time! If you’ve ever been to Rancho Valencia, you know they have one of the most gorgeous views of Rancho Santa Fe, a sexy equestrian theme in their Pony Room Bar, and a gorgeous croquet lawn overlooking the city where you can mingle or hang by the fire pits. Hosted by Rancho Valencia and Riviera Magazine! Go and thank me after :)

If you have any questions for Erik and how to get a piece/upcoming events he’s doing or about the Rancho Valencia event, leave below!



Barbie Girl

8th July 2014


I don’t typically rock a bright color from head to toe and on the rare occasion that I do, it’s not typically hot pink. But I’m obsessed with this dress. Because the color is so vibrant, I love the minimal deep V back and simple single ruffle detail. I’ve told you that growing up I was a pretty big tomboy and pink was nonexistent in my complicated 8 year old life. Now that I’m out of those dark ages, I love all things girly – hair, makeup, clothes, boys. And apparently, hot pink dresses.

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Dress: Rory Beca, also here // Shoes: Saint Laurent (similar) // Bag: Saint Laurent // Sunnies: Ray Ban